Tailor-made online matching

You will be connected with a peer from another world region - based on your interests, area of work, values and learning goals.
You will experience the world from another perspective,
enhance your intercultural skills and
learn what it means to work together at eye level.






min. per session

Your GlobalJourney on our online platform

The exchange takes place on our online platform.

You will meet your tandem partner in virtual conference rooms equipped with video tools, chat functions, online whiteboard and per-programmed e-learning. At the end of the programme you will get a certificate which outlines your progress.

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Sessions 1-3

Intercultural training and interaction at eye-level


Sessions 4-5

Exploration of one Sustainable Development Goal in the respective local context


Sessions 6-9

Joint project development using Design Thinking approaches


Sessions 10

Completion of the project and reflection on the joint learning experiences


Sessions 1-3

Intercultural training and interaction at eye-level

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