Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Scope

To use the services of GlobalMatch exclusively the following terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) apply. The user can read these conditions at any time on the website www.globalmatch.me where they are constantly available also for permanent storage to the user. We do not recognize conditions of the user, unless we have expressly agreed in writing.


§ 2 Terms of Reference

  1. The platform www.globalmatch.me is a program around the topic of global cooperation. GlobalMatch initiates partnerships between young people from the Global South and North. Together, these couples embark on a process of learning from and with each other and in the course of this develop a project that mostly contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

  2. The platform and program is operated by GlobalMatch e.V., represented by Nina Brandner, Katharina Jung and Sebastian Krapf, Muttershofer Straße 2 a, 86456 Gablingen (hereinafter “Operator”).

  3. The aim of the Platform is to connect (young) people interested in global cooperation, intercultural topics, sustainable development and anti-racism one-to-one from the Global North and Global South (hereinafter “participants” or “tandems”)

  4. The program is a six month long learning program, comprising of different steps:

    1. One-to-one matching

    2. Introductory webinars

    3. a series of structured 10 e-learning sessions which participants access via an interactive online platform.

    4. Reflection webinars

    5. An evaluation of both the social impact and the personal learning, which is carried out to identify and consolidate the benefits.

  5. Participants engage with each other on the platform on equal terms, creating profiles and engaging in online learning sessions and meetings. The system comprises an online ‘conference room’, equipped with video and text chat alongside e-learning materials. All of the content is retained on the platform and is therefore permanently accessible to the tandems.

  6. Participants follow the program jointly in the form of a one-to-one match, which is created by certain application criteria. GlobalMatch does not guarantee to consider all specified criteria of the applicants for the matching. However, it guarantees to only match with an accordance of more than 60 percent of the criteria.

  7. A review of the information given with the registration is carried out only limited. A liability for the accuracy of the published identity of the applicants will not be borne by the operator of the program. User-generated content published on the website or within the different formats of the program is never checked for legality, correctness and completeness.

  8. The participants are fully responsible for the exchange and joint project work. Throughout the whole process participants are supported by the GlobalMatch team. However, there is no surveillance, nor there is reconnaissance or information obligation from GlobalMatch for and about the participants.

  9. GlobalMatch does not guarantee to consider every applicant, as the matching is determined by quality of the application, available matching partners from the respective other world region and support capacity of the operator


§ 3 General principles

  1. Users are obliged to observe in the use of the platform and other services the legal provisions in force and follow. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure that their content is legal and do not violate any third party rights or discriminate against race, gender, sexual orientation or religious believes.

  2. Members shall not use, names, addresses and email addresses, which they have received through the matching, for any purpose other than for the communication amongst each other. In particular, it is forbidden to sell these data or to use them for sending advertising, unless the respective data legitimate user has expressly agreed to this in advance.

  3. Users are not allowed to distribute or sale the GlobalMatch educational material without permission of the above stated representatives.


§ 4 Registration of applicants/tandems

  1. For participating in the program, you must register as a member and create a profile by filling in the application form. The official acceptance into the program is stated by a letter of acceptance and/ or by the activation of the Member account, approximately two weeks after the application deadline stated on the website.

  2. The requested data for the registration as an application must be complete and accurate.

  3. The applicant assures that he is of legal age at the time of registration.

  4. The applicant assures, that he or she participates in the full length of the six month program and invests a minimum of 20 hours within this period of time.

  5. Participants must keep their password confidential and secure access to their member account carefully. They are obliged to inform the operator of the site immediately if there is reason to believe that a member’s account was misused by third parties.

  6. The participants are liable for all activities that occur under their member account.

  7. Memberships are non-transferable.

  8. When publishing profiles or sending matching mails, GlobalMatch reserves the right to make editorial changes, the possibilities to correct spelling mistakes, adapt to the style of the texts to the other texts of the site and to modify images.


§ 5 penalties, revocation and dismissal

  1. The operator may take appropriate measures if there is sufficient indication that a user breaches statutory regulations, rights of third parties, these terms of use or if the operator has any other legitimate interest, in particular to protect the members from fraudulent activities.

  2. A user may be permanently barred from use of the program if it has false contact details, in particular deposited an incorrect or invalid e-mail address, their membership account transfers, harms other users or the operator to a significant extent, particularly services the operator abused. After a user has been permanently blocked, a claim for recovery of the blocked membership account is excluded.


§ 6 costs and expense allowances

  1. The use of the program is not for free, costs vary from matching generation to generation. In the first beta-version students from the Global North shall contribute 49€ whilst students from the Global South contribute 7€ (paid in local currencies). Non-students participants have to contribute a higher amount which is negotiated with the respective employee or employer directly. The payment is due after the letter of acceptance.

  2. GlobalMatch does not provide any form of financial support to participants or projects.