Using this Platform

This platform was designed for you to meet and interact with your tandem partner, your GlobalMatch tandem support as well as the wider GlobalMatch community. Some of its main functions are described for you below. You will however also receive an in-depth introduction to the platform during the Kick-off Workshop. 


In case you have any other questions do not be shy to contact your personal tandem support, either via this platform or via


The homepage consists of three main features: (1) My Tandem Partnership (2) My GlobalMatch Journey (3) Newsfeed. 

(1) My Tandem Partnership

This box displays you (on the right) and your tandem partner (on the left). Before you are matched the left circle will remain empty. Clicking on the images will lead you to the respective profiles. 

your tandem partnership2.png

(2) My GlobalMatch Journey

This section shows you and your partner's journey with GlobalMatch, starting with the Preparatory Programme all the way to Session 10 and the GlobalMatch Community. You can see your progress with the Session gradually unlocking as you move through them. 

GlobalMatch Journey.png

(3) Newsfeed

The Newsfeed on the right side of the homepage displays everything you and your tandem partner post on respective timelines. 



Upon clicking on your or your tandem partner's picture on the Homepage, you will be led to your respective profiles. On your profile, you can upload images, documents and other content. You can also post content to your tandem partner's timeline. We encourage you to use your timelines when sharing homework and research findings with each other as it nicely documents the progress you made in your partnership. 


Session Rooms

To complete your GlobalMatch Sessions, you will meet your tandem partner in the GlobalMatch Session Rooms. In each room, the respective GlobalMatch session will already be pre-loaded. 

Session 1.png

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