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Our philosophy is that you should have opportunities regardless of where you come from.


By supporting our crowdfunding campaign on Betterplace you can help us to fund two paid interns from the Global North and South. 



We have a passionate team of 30 volunteers which is highly motivated to make our vision of global cooperation on equal terms come true .

As a very young organization we rely on people who believe in our team and would like to support us in furthering a process of sustainable development that is based on equal cooperation among different cultures.


Part of our team at the "Fairwandler" award this year


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Enable Tandem-partners with promising project ideas to meet in real life. In particular, your financial support is needed to allow people from the Global South to visit their partners in the Global North.

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Even if you do not have the financial resources, you can support us ...
  • by following our updates on social media.

  • by sharing our vision with potential stakeholders in the Global North and South

  • with media coverage or the possibility to speak at events

  • with pro-bono support such as using office space for team meetings, cheaper transport, printing material…

  • as a volunteer!

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Our Supporters

Our vision and commitment has been recognized by various awards:
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Sabine von Bargen FAIRWANDLER-Preisverle


"The jury was impressed by the idea of ​​connecting people as closely as possible at eye level. For the moment I let that stand with the eye level - you can certainly fill volumes for that. It is so in this world, that we have the greater opportunities here in the Global North - from our material equipment to the borders that we can cross with our national German passport. And here I come to the subtitle of your project: sharing opportunities (...) The Internet has given us all the opportunity to come together and share information, insights and much more. And you use those opportunities to connect people. And when two share their ideas about their respective areas of expertise, these ideas can be developed together."

FAIRWANDLER award-ceremony 2018 Foto: Karl Kübel Stiftung, Thomas Neu

 With partners we accelerate common visions. 
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