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When strangers become friends

Aktualisiert: 28. Okt. 2018

Marie from Germany and Edwin from Tanzania have a lot of things in common. They both love food and getting to know different cultures. Both of them embrace diversity and already visited the same cities. But even given these similarities, it was GlobalMatch that brought them together as tandem partners and established an ongoing exchange of views and opinions between the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

“We live in a world more connected than ever yet many of us are more disconnected than ever”, Edwin says when asked about his motivation of joining GlobalMatch. During his search for platforms which try to bridge the gap between different world regions and people of different backgrounds, he found GlobalMatch and was fascinated by the idea and philosophy of the GM-team. For Marie personal experiences were the driving forces for her engagement in global affairs and the main reason why she decided to apply for a tandem partnership at GlobalMatch. During a volunteer service in South Africa she experienced first hand that the communication and cooperation between the Global North and Global South should be improved in order to reach better results and benefits for both sides. ”I think it is important to get to know what people of the region in which the project should be implemented really need to find the best possible way of implementation”, Marie underlines.

In order to get to know each other better, Marie and Edwin are in touch frequently and make use of the GlobalMatch sessions. Usually they complete one session in one or two weeks and take the opportunity of being in touch to ask each other about their daily life experiences as well.

Being asked about the developments they have been through in their sessions so far both of them point out that they were strangers in the beginning but become closer friends with every session they conclude. For their common project, they are looking forward to further fruitful discussions as well as common success.

Marie and Edwin were matched based on their interests of community work, development and education processes and the sustainable development goals.


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