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Project "TryBe" - Five ambitious minds for social change

Aktualisiert: 28. Okt. 2018

Belinda’s and Carina’s paths have already crossed before Global Match as they volunteered for StartHub Africa in Kampala. Their passion for entrepreneurship and business innovation has been a great uniting factor for the tandem. In order to push entrepreneurship further throughout Uganda, they were planning to host their own TV show or launch a Youtube-channel. In preparation for the exchange with Global Match they found out that they have another similar passion for the environment. Belinda and Carina could both observe a need for climate action and primarily for creating awareness in environmental conservation and behaviour change in their home countries, Germany and Uganda. Therefore, they came up with the idea to combine topics in entrepreneurship, economics and trade, culture and environment. Writing the script for the channel has not been challenging: During their everyday conversations Carina and Belinda discover so many differences and opportunities that are worth spreading and can create social change in our local communities and hopefully in our countries in the future.

Daphine and Michelle discovered after a short time, that they both love to work with kids and have a heart for conserving the environment. Through Global Match they got the chance to create a project they both love. The first idea was to raise awareness on how the environment should be protected through education and workshops for kids, as they will be the change maker generation and still set up their minds. They intended to overcome the plastic pollution by offering plastic collection workshops in their local communities. The team wanted to reach a higher level than only increasing the awareness but did not dare to start a bigger project on their own. Until they met Carina and Belinda, who had the same mission and inspired them of TryBe. The idea of gathering plastic bags, upcycling them and selling new products into the Ugandan and German market moved them all. But Carina and Belinda couldn´t imagine to start such a big project on their own either. Since Daphine and Michelle burned for the idea from the beginning, they decided to team up with Carina and Belinda.

TryBe was born. All four girls were thrilled by the idea of realizing one big project together. Before getting started or setting up a team structure, the group had to gather all detailed project ideas that will be part of TryBe. The spread enthusiasm about TryBe and commitment of all team members touched other Global Match members. Even though the girls were very convinced of the project and the overwhelming ideas behind it, they feared to be overburdened witch all the upcoming tasks. While drafting their business plan, Martin became curious about TryBe and joined one team session. Soon it turned out that his input and vision statement fit to TryBe and completed all needed contributions. The core team enjoys great educational diversity – from law, business administration to biosciences. Furthermore, the sustainable development and market launch of TryBe is dependent on a large network that the team can build on. The group benefits from long-term relationships to local communities, partnering organizations and future employees. Before the introduction of TryBe products into the market, the team will try to share knowledge, inspire people and identify potential customers through online and offline measures such as their blog, Youtube channel and community programs for young people in Germany and Uganda. The next milestones of TryBe will be to decide on the first project and plan the production. They expect to sell either upcycled plastic consumption products like shopping bags and shoes or building material as bricks.


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