Project "Jambo Sanaa" - Uganda Exchange as a milestone

Aktualisiert: 28. Okt 2018

Some of the participants of the GlobalMatch programme have been selected to participate in the first real life exchange (sponsored by Engagement Global on behalf of BMZ) between Uganda and Germany. This is the story of Abella and Alexandra, a tandem from Tanzania and Germany, reviewing the time in Jinja, Uganda.

The two weeks here in Jinja, Uganda, are almost over, so here is our feedback about what we learned for our project "Jambo Sanaa".

After a few days of getting to know each other and the environment we started to formulate our personal mission statements.

Abella’s mission is: “I want to empower girls!”

Alexandra’s mission is: “I want to make sure children can express themselves creatively and freely, and that they become aware about racism and global power balances at an early stage, in order to create a more happy and loving society.”

As you can see these two statements don’t align completely. This became particularly obvious to us when we were offered some coaching sessions by Prosper and Katharina during the exchange. They asked us many questions to dig deeper into how our partnership can work and what we learn from each other. As we already have a project together called Jambo Sanaa (“Hello Art”) and Abella has a project called Wasichana Tunaweza (“Girls, we can!”) it is worth explaining what we do in these projects, in order to understand the different missions.

Jambo Sanaa has started with Alexandra’s idea of exhibiting artworks made by the children at Kayanga Primary School, where Abella works as a teacher, alongside her own art works. She then decided to continue this project as she had the privilege to experience art education in her childhood that impacted her positively.