Meet Anna and Christopher !

Since becoming a tandem of GlobalMatch, Anna and Christopher have been on an

enriching journey towards rethinking gender equality from different cultural perspectives

and an attempted (re)definition of masculinity - and their learning curve has been steep!

Having been introduced to the programme by friends and classmates respectively,

they are surprised to what extent they were able to connect on a personal and eye-to

eye level, all the while sharing their experiences and ideas on a journey of intercultural

discovery, based on their different backgrounds:

Christopher from Uganda contributes a perspective from the Global South and Anna her

experiences from growing up in the North, more specifically Poland, now studying in the UK.

Deeply engaged in their previous projects – Christopher had been working a lot on topics such as women empowerment and gender equality for a local NGO in Kabale, while Anna had started writing her Master’s thesis in International Development – they both started the GlobalMatch journey with precise ideas in mind of what they wanted to work on as a project. Thus, one of the more challenging parts (and likewise probably the reason why their exchange finally became such a success for them) was to step back from their own prior expectations and to come up with a new project idea that worked for both themselves and their – in the beginning still unfamiliar – tandem partner.