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It's Tandem Tuesday - Meet Ann and Enock!

Recently, our members in Kampala had the chance to have an inspiring talk with Ann and Enock, the next tandem we would like to present you! Here you will find what it was about:

ENOCK goes first

How was your first feeling when you were matched with Ann as your tandem partner?

It was very cool for me because I was anxious about getting a partner with whom I could share my ideas and also hear about new ideas.

When you went along to understand more of each other, what did you find special about your partner?

I found out that Ann is a very open-minded, friendly lady, so caring and always taking time to listen to my ideas. She also asks a lot of questions and when I asked why she did so, she answered that she was so inquisitive to understand me and whatever we discuss better. She does a lot of research and she is into climatic action programmes and follows some climatic change activists.

How do you find yourself together with your partner today?

It's so surprising to be here today with my partner Ann. It was a few weeks back during our session time that she started telling me about coming over to Uganda but she hadn’t cleared off with the dates. A few days later she sent me a WhatsApp message telling me she had got the opportunity to come to Uganda and this was by the support of her job that had permitted her to come over for a two weeks’ conference at Makerere and this was one of the most interesting days of our partnership as every one of us was always eager to meet physically and discuss issues at an eye-level without internet issues.

So when you two met what was the real feeling at the moment?

She arrived on a Tuesday late night and went to the hotel that had been booked for her but the place heard a party outside and was noisy for her to have enough sleep. So she had less sleep that night but the following evening called me for a meetup and we arranged for it at Acacia Mall where we met for the first time face to face and we were all super happy to meet each other. We shared a lot in that little meeting we had, moved her to the streets and made sure she got some Kampala street experience.

ANN goes next

How are you Ann and how do you feel to be here today with your partner physically?

First and foremost it’s a pleasure to meet all of you. Am so happy and blessed to meet more than one Global Match member as I had the big thought of meeting my partner Enock however it was so much pleasure that I met Enock plus more other very friendly people.

Enock, my partner, is the best as we’ve managed to at least link up very well and very busy looking forward to doing a lot of stuff together.

How did you come to be here in Uganda with your partner today?

This is one big opportunity that came across from the company I am working with currently. This came to be as a result of an opportunity to come for a geopolitics conference in Kampala Uganda – in Makerere University main hall. This was a very perfect deal for me and I decided to go in for it and that's why I’m here for two weeks for work and at the same time to use the chance to meet my partner physically.

How far have you two gone with your sessions? Any project ideas so far?

We are almost done with our sessions and towards the project idea, we are looking at a project that works basically with agriculture.

We are looking at how best we can add value to the Ugandan agricultural products and make them ready for sale on the international markets. More especially, Ann is looking at how best we can advertise for Ugandan agricultural products in Germany and vice-versa.

Some of the products we are looking at is coffee, but also fruits and other food!

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