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The Dilemma

Many people want to work towards a just and sustainable world. Often, people from the Global North want to solve problems in the Global South.


This approach can foster dependency and can work against that progress.


But does that mean that people from the Global North should stop being active in other regions of the world?


Our Vision

It's time to take responsibility for creating a sustainable future.


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Global cooperation for tackling challenges

Climate Change, forced migration, inequality... there are many global challenges. To solve them, the whole world needs to work together at eye level. International cooperation for solving those challenges should not be based on ethnocentrism. There is no right direction for development, many approaches can work . Thus we have to learn from other cultures and cooperate.

Equality of opportunities

We live in a globalised world in which almost everyone has access to internet and thus a vast pool of knowledge. Despite this imminent opportunity, one's future is nevertheless determined by the birth place. Regardless their economic situation people should have access to other world regions, gain knowledge, learn from other cultures and develop their own personality


Our Approach

Work together with your partner
for a global future.

Share knowledge

​Learn to cooperate as equals

​Sustainably shape society


The Dilemma in Detail

Development studies does not tend to listen to subalterns and postcolonial studies does not tend to concern itself with whether the subaltern is eating.
Christine Sylvestre

Development as an outdated concept?

Global engagement isn’t a dead end.

Dilemma in Videos

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