Re-start GlobalMatch

Currently, we had to pause GlobalMatch's projects due to a shortage of members, especially in the Global North. If you feel like you can kick things off again and continue GlobalMatch's vision to enhance equality through matching people from different parts of the globe, this is your opportunity!

Inquire information

GlobalMatch means bringing people together. Getting to know one's personal story to better understand their challenges in daily life. This exchange on eye-level will foster your awareness of your situation in the world, and the privileges you enjoy. Matching occurs in a variety of ways. We in GlobalMatch used to have different formats, targetting several goals: raise awareness and reflect on postcolonialism, develope a joint project with a tandem from another part of the world, help organisations to achieve a fair and equal setting when working with partners in the Global South.

However, the stage is yours. Reach out to us with your idea of how you want to match people. Make it your GlobalMatch!