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Remuneration structures


This project program majorly focuses on the remuneration in organizations operating in line with development cooperation


GlobalMatch, as one of the organizations operating in a Global North-South partnership,  exhibited a number of challenges when it came to a fair remuneration strategy of its members. With this experience, the team with members from diverse positionalities decided to go ahead and find out how other organizations with project partners from different parts of the world go about challenges with fair remuneration. 


Therefore, we came up with a research project idea where we intend to invite all interested organizations and participants operating in a Global North-South partnership so that we share, discuss on the different methods used by different organizations, the challenges faced with the current methods and possibly find better methods for every participating organization depending on their interests and needs.

We also intend to invite key speakers with the experience in the field of finances and remuneration so as to share their experience in the field of money.


Sign up: Now!
Start: October
Combination of workshops and discussion sessions about the input
Goal: Document our results in a day-to-day practice

Your Benefits from the Program

  • Learning and Unlearning on the topic of Remuneration in general.

  • Compare and reflect on your current Remuneration towards the goal of equitable development.

  • Make new friends and build Networks with participants from different Organizations in the world.

  • Develop concrete options for action.

  • Contribute to global understanding and a sustainable future #SustainableDevelopment.

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