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How do you dare to shape globalization?



projects started

GlobalMatch connects people from different parts of the world through digital media to exchange ideas, share opportunities and shape the future together.

Based on your interest, expertise and personality  we will find you a project partner from another region of the world.

Your global match

In 10 guided sessions of

60 minutes each, you will experience the world from another perspective. You will enhance your intercultural skills and learn what it means to work together at eye level.

Your global journey

You will explore global problems in the respective local contexts and have the
opportunity to develop
solutions and execute a
with your partner.

Your global impact

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-17 at 22.34.10.jpeg

GlobalMatch for Engineers

A training for students and young teaching staff in Technology and Science programs to reflect on their role as developers in an international work environment. 

Workshop series

at 3 Universities

in Baden-Württemberg

  • Heidelberg
  • Tübingen
  • Stuttgart

Remuneration Structures

​Tackle the challenges that power structures impose within your organization operating in a Global North-South Partnership

Our GlobalMatches

Since July 2016, Daniel and Martina have been working on a project that teaches Ugandan street children IT to give them more opportunities for the future.


"The knowledge of using a computer changes a person's life, because it offers the possibility to discover the world."


"GlobalMatch not only showed me how cooperation across borders, distance and cultural differences works but also gave me a project partner and friend."

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